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Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Although several different kitchen design trends come and go every year without fail, you will want to ensure that you choose a look that’s not only attractive, but that will also continue looking good a few years down the line without appearing dated. Take a look at some of the latest ideas that are being used for kitchen designs and makeovers.

Bright and Colorful Ranges

Although white kitchens will always remain extremely popular and on trend, there’s nothing wrong with adding a pop of color in the form of a bright range. These days, it’s possible to purchase ranges in several different colors such as red, yellow, orange, blue and many other options.

Integrated Appliances

These are appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and even dishwashers that have been designed to coordinate and fit flush with the new kitchen cabinetry that’s being installed.

Vice president of Fisher & Paykel, Pierre Martin, stated in this regard, “Our integrated appliances allow total design freedom, which is a feature that yields itself across aesthetic and style preferences.” The company has also included several new integrated offerings to its product line, including under counter cooling drawers, column cooling units and dishwashers.

Customized Storage Options

Owing to the fact that the kitchen is usually the most used room in your home, it’s essential to ensure that available storage is not only sufficient, but also smart.

One of the most popular options being included in kitchen design this year is creative storage solutions. These can include options such as a slim line drawer for spices and oils close to the range, vertical tray storage above refrigerators and various slide out units that are being placed in corner spaces that would otherwise be awkward to use.

Backsplashes that Make a Statement

Over the years, backsplashes have become far more than something to protect walls close to the range from becoming stained with grease. These days, this part of a kitchen can be fitted with bright and cheerful tiles that make a statement or serve as a kitchen’s focal point, especially when tiles with various textures or patterns are used.

Doggie Cantinas

No kitchen upgrade would be complete without taking man’s best friend(s) into consideration. After all, furry family members form an extremely important part of many homeowner’s lives. As a result, more kitchen designs than ever have started incorporating dedicated spaces for pets to eat and drink without their bowls getting underfoot.

Areas under kitchen cabinets can have additional drawers installed for storing dog leashes, doggie sweaters, food and any other supplies they may have.

If your kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover and you would like to ensure that it’s not only attractive, but completely functional as well, speak to our professional and experienced team today. We will be able to assist you with designing the layout, selecting the ideal appliances and ensuring that everything is installed to perfection. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


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