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Why Ample Work Surfaces are a Must in your New Kitchen

A home’s kitchen is usually one of its most used spaces, meaning that everything possible should be done to ensure that there is not just sufficient, but ample working space. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to entertain friends and family and not having enough kitchen work space to prepare meals and snacks. Below are some aspects to consider with regards to designing your new kitchen that will help ensure that ample working space is available.

Save Time

Having enough working surfaces in your new kitchen will allow you to prepare meals from start to finish without having to stop halfway through to clean dishes and pack them away, and only then continue with your meal prep again.

When designing your new kitchen, ensure that you have at least two to three good sized working surfaces. If your kitchen is smaller than average, consider using a portable island that can be moved aside when it’s not needed.

Enjoy Additional Storage Space

Most kitchens that have ample working surfaces will also have a good amount of storage cabinets and drawers underneath them. This enables you to store appliances inside cabinets instead of allowing them to take up valuable working space.

Various solutions are available these days where storage is concerned, meaning that you’ll no longer have to reach into the back of that corner cabinets to try and take an appliance out that doesn’t get used a lot.

More Functionality

A kitchen that has sufficient working space will allow you to move around as quickly and easily as you need to – without having to move appliances from one spot to another. Ideally, your new kitchen should be set up as a triangle of working space – prep space, cooking space and cleanup space.

Designing your Kitchen

Along with ensuring that your new kitchen has ample working space, it’s essential to choose a layout that is practical with regards to working and keeping everything clean.

For instance, including a prep basin or sink by each working surface will make cleanup far easier – you won’t have to carry dirty dishes or utensils across the kitchen to wash them. Work surface tops should be chosen with practicality in mind – they should be easy to clean and highly resistant to staining. Opting for heat resistant surfaces is normally also a good idea.

During the design process, it’s essential to ensure that, as much available space will be able to be used as possible. Slide out trays are available to install in those parts of cabinets that would otherwise remain empty, while dedicated pull-down racks can be installed for storing tinned foods and other kitchen essentials.

If you’re in the market for having a complete kitchen makeover performed in your home, but you aren’t sure how or where to start, get in touch with our team right away. We will be able to assist you with designing your kitchen layout, choosing finishes, recommending appliances and installing everything according to industry specifications.

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